Partners and People

The Schools of Empire project is led by Dr Tim Guard (Head of History, Rugby School), Dr Thomas Smith (History Department, Rugby School), and Jennifer Hunt RMARA (Archivist Manager, Rugby School). The direction of the project is overseen by an independent academic advisory board, which meets twice-yearly. Enquiries about the project may be directed through Rugby School’s general enquiries at


Project Partners


Arts and Humanities Research Council (Doctoral Training Partnership Internships)



Crankstart Foundation, University of Oxford (Undergraduate Internships) 



Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership (Doctoral Internships)


The Open University (Open-Rugby full PhD Studentship)



Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, Oxford Brookes University



Academic Advisory Board Members

Dr Katie Donington
The Open University


Dr Meleisa Ono-George
Queen’s College, University of Oxford


Professor William Richardson (Chair)
University of Exeter; School Archives and Records Association


Dr Mishka Sinha
St John’s College, University of Oxford


Professor William Whyte
St John’s College, University of Oxford


Dr Callie Wilkinson
Ludwig-Maximillans-Universität Munich



Research Partners

Professor William Gibson
Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church, Oxford Brookes University


Dr Daniel Reed
Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church, Oxford Brookes University



OU-Rugby Collaborative Doctoral Researcher

Holly Hiscox

Open University



Research Interns

Yumn Batool
Wadham College, Oxford


Destiny Boko Batesa
Lincoln College, Oxford


Tomos Evans
University of Birmingham


Excy Hansda

University of Liverpool


Olivia Hersey

Keble College, Oxford


Sumayyah Ibrahim
University College, Oxford


Alexander Orlov-Holmes
Wadham College, Oxford


Caitlin Price Hand

University College, Oxford


Lily Tekseng
Wolfson College, Cambridge



The Rugby Team

Project Direction

Dr Tim Guard
History Department


Jenny Hunt RMARA
Archivist Manager


Dr Thomas Smith
History Department


Inter-Departmental Collaboration


Dr Tim Coker, Amie Barton-Young, Georgia Forsyth

Drama/Macready Theatre


Gary Collins



Matthew Cuff
Art and Photography Department (photogrammetry)


Ilia Kurgansky
Computer Science Department (photogrammetry and 3D modelling)


Dr Justin Muston
History Department (DEI)


Alix Scott-Martin

English Department (creative writing)


James Williams
Music Department (facilities and location for podcasting)


Student Researchers (Rugby 360)

2022–3: Charles; Elle; Fangyi; Gabriel; Gosia; Jamie; Katherine; Lika; Robert; Shaqira; Skye; Uliana; Yoma.

2021–2: Becky; Charles; Gabriel; Lika; Jack; James; Rose; Skye.